Doctorate in Business Administration




The objective of this professional doctorate in business administration is to provide participants with the opportunity to make a significant contributions to both theory and practice in the field and to develop a professional practice at the highest level.

tis a practical and research-based doctoral program in business and industry which is designed formedcareer executives who have already completed the MBA (or equivalent qualification) and are looking to further enhance their practical and theoretical knowledge in the field.



  • The whole doctorate process should be completed in 2 years. There are 2 parts to the program, the coursework, and the research part.
  • The coursework component takes place during the first year. Courses are conducted online and in an intensive workshop model with face-to-face seminars. You can choose to do the intensive weekend sessions in London, Zurich, or Barcelona. All courses are assessed by written assignments


  • Research Methodology I
  • ResearchMethodologyII
  • Publish or Perish – Preparing for the Journal
  • Review Process
  • Paper Clinic in General Management
  • Taxonomies and Typologies in Research


  • Publishing in Management
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Thesis

The program of studies is aligned to international standards of Higher Education and it consists of 6 taught Research Method modules, which are delivered in two blocks.

Since the bulk of the program is taught online, it is therefore self-paced. Learners are expected to spend a substantial amount of time on the Doctoral Thesis, thus demonstrating independent empirical research. This is to show evidence of the learner’s ability and capability to undertake applied defendable, empirical research on the highest level of academic studies.

To understand and apply the methodology of strong unbiased research to business contexts. To review and apply the principles of business management in the industry.

DBA Summary

  • Mode: Online + (optional)Intensive Weekend in London, Zurich or Barcelona.
  • Duration: 2 AcademicYears
  • Accreditation: EduQua
  • Level: Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) Level 8
  • Thesis length: 40-50,000 words

The whole doctorate process should be completed within 2 academic years. Our curriculum grounds the participant in strong research analysis and critical review skills.

This allows the participant to produce research that is of a very high standard and helps them to publish in leading business journals such as the Harvard Business Review.