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(Academic Director)

Dr. Marc Sanso, Industrial Engineer, holds a PhD (Cum Laude) in Strategic Management, an MBA from ESADE Business School and a Masters in Marketing. With almost 15 years of international experience, his career has been focused on management consulting, research and executive education.

Dr. Sansó has an extended experience in Executive and Post-graduated education. He has assumed both managerial and program-related positions at top business schools, along with an intense teaching load.

From the research point of view, Dr. Sansó is primarily interested in competitive strategy, technology and innovation, with a special focus on the digital ecosystem. He is the author of the book “The Value Trail: How to Effectively Understand, Deploy and Monitor Successful Business Models” (Taylor and Francis), a comprehensive approach to competitive analysis and strategy. He’s also author a of a significant number of papers, analysis and dissemination reports that have been widely published and presented in specialized journals and congresses in the US, Canada and Spain.

As a consultant specialized in business development, competitive traction and digital ecosystem, Dr. Sansó has worked with a significant number of startups from industries such as finance, education, R+D, tourism and tech services, among others.

Victor Pallarès

CEO at Pallarès Asesores de Empresa SL

With an extended experience of more than 18 years of experience in business consulting and advisory, Victor Pallarès holds a degree in industrial Relations and HR at Ramon Llull’s College (University of Barcelona).

From a professional point of view, he is primarily focused on startup mentorship, digital transformation and optimization of Business procedures, whereas Pallares Asesores provides full financial assessment and human resources management for SMEs.

Serving as a specialized academic advisor from our Barcelona headquarters, Mr. Pallares adds and invaluable perspective on entrepreneurship and business management.

Dr. Aida Mehrad

Psychologist, PhD(Social Psychology)

Dr. Aida Mehrad, Psychologist, holds a PhD in Social Psychology (specialized in organizational and industrial psychology), and a Master’s in General Psychology. With almost 5 years of international experience, her career has been focused on Job Satisfaction, Leadership Styles, Organizational Support, Conflict Management Styles, Organizational Behaviour, and Industrial & Organizational Psychology.

From the research point of view, Dr. Aida is mainly interested in Business, Marketing, Strategy of Management, Industrial and Organizational Behaviour. She is the author of more than 30 papers in social science area specifically management and psychology which widely published and presented in specialized journals and international conferences. Also, she is the author of 3 books of “Two hundred golden tips for a better life”.

“365 Days: 365 Points to Achieve” and “Language is an art and you are a virtuoso”.

Sharon Rominiyi

Certified TEFL Oxbridge USA

Sharon Rominiyi is a full time faculty at Aspire Business School, Barcelona Spain.

A Certified TEFL Oxbridge USA, instructor of English as a second language(ESL), currently an Adjunct with Trinity College Centre Barcelona. Sharon is a Doctoral Research candidate at Westcliff University California USA ( Barcelona Campus).

She holds an MBA in Management from the University of Applied Management, Bavaria Germany and a Bachelor degree in Human resources from the famous University of Cape Coast Ghana. Her special Areas include Entrepreneurship, Healthcare management Global economics, International business, Leadership and organisational behaviour .

An expert in managing diversity in a multicultural environment With about 7 years experience at the Ivy league, Ashesi University, Ghana, giving her a ready connection with students of diverse backgrounds from various countries of the World.

She believes in the platinum rule " treat people the way they want to be treated" Solving tomorrows problems today through innovation, critical thinking and data oriented decision making, striving for excellence not reinventing the wheel of what others have learnt to do better.